Scott Insurance is a boutique insurance firm with a specialty in life insurance as it applies to corporate and estate planning.



Scott Insurance is a privately owned and operated financial services firm based in Toronto, Canada. We believe in the old adage: the key to success is to do one thing and do it very well. This singular focus and expertise allows for deep understanding of the clients unique concerns and circumstances and the design of solutions that are client-driven.

With constant changes in tax and business laws, certain methods and types of planning have become more attractive from an economic and tax-efficiency standpoint. In the quest for life insurance solutions, affluent clients face a multitude of sources. This leaves individuals uncertain which way they should go for creative techniques and concepts. 

Our focus is always client education rather than quickness of the process. We want clients to understand not only the various insurance products, but also the economic factors that influence them. This is essential to the decision making process. We have relationships with every major insurance company and are able to provide independent, objective advice consistent with our fiduciary duty to our clients.